Russell Smith Sculpture


Sculpture-Hot Rod

Hot Rod

HotRod: a sculptural pun. In the spirit of shade-tree mechanics and American Ingenuity, a Mossberg .22 rifle becomes the foundation of a HotRod Roadster.

Sculpture-Figurative-Hotrod Interior

Hotrod Interior

Gearshift is the trigger. Base of 5 shot clip can be seen in center top of dashboard.

Sculpture-Hot Rod Front

Hot Rod Front

Bullet exits through the crank hole in the grill, and gasses escaping from the drilled barrel exit through the exhaust headers.

Sculpture-Figurative-Hot Rod Bottom

Hot Rod Bottom

Pulling rear bumper cocks the slide. What once was the top of the rifle barrel is visible between rear bumper and engine crankcase.

Sculpture-Figurative-Hotrod Workbench

Hotrod Workbench

The remaining series of pictures show Hotrod under construction.

Sculpture-Figurative-Hot Rod Body Frame

Hot Rod Body Frame

Hotrod frame prior to adding body panels, with steering and rear axles.

Sculpture-Figurative-Hotrod frame and engine

Hotrod frame and engine

Frame, showing rifle section with Engine slid over pierced barrel. Pulling the rear bumper cocks the slide.

Sculpture-Figurative-Rolling Chassis

Rolling Chassis

Frame, engine and wheels before attachment of body. The rifle barrel forms the backbone of the piece, and the 5-shot clip can be clearly seen.

Sculpture-Figurative-Ejection Chute

Ejection Chute

Showing roughed-out body with ejection chute for spent shell casings

Sculpture-Engine Block and Body

Engine Block and Body

In progress, roughed engine and body.

Sculpture-Figurative-Hotrod Steering

Hotrod Steering

Slide is back and clip is removed so chamber can be seen. A spring serves as the universal joint for steering.