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This past year I had the good fortune to hook back up with my old friend Richard O. Kiser of ROKSTOCK. In the 70's Rick built a series of turbo charged V/6 Mercury Capri's, better known as the RSR Turbo Capri. From these cars he also developed a line of aftermarket products for the little German import that has since been ripped off by every Capri aftermarket supplier in the world. Rick's cars were so refined it created a stir in the automotive industry at the time. He was given a horde of media attention, feature articles in the likes of Road Test Magazine, CarCraft, Road and Track and others. Some even went as far as to compare him to the great Carroll Shelby.

Unfortunately, hit with a sudden decline in the economy and Ford's decision to stop importing the Capri, he was forced to close business and file bankruptcy; an unnerving resolve for such a talented man. Since then the Capri has become somewhat of a cult car, not only in the U.S. but especially in Europe. After Mercury quit importing the car into the United States in 1977, it was continued to be made in Germany up until 1986. Funny how the Germans has this way of producing cult cars. Rick's love for the car has never ceased.

Anyways, after many years in hibernation Richard O. Kiser is reclaiming his place in automotive history. His latest project is what he is calling his Rat Rod Capri. Starting with a wide fendered Capri II, Rick is building a 351 Cleveland powered monster. Although the car is still being built and developed, you are getting a small glimpse into the creative genius of ROKSTOCK. So get behind the 8 ball.

Rick may be contacted at or 503 997-2221