Current Project


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Yamaha Chopper coming

The Current project is a 1947 International KB7 that has been drastically altered. We are nearing completion and hope to have the time to get it out to at least a couple of shows this summer. Check out the photos and enjoy.

Front shot of truck at present, still lots to do

New driveline made by Driveline Specialties (Portland). Had to couple up the C-4 with the Lincoln 9"

Putting in the floorboards, steering column in and hooked up, shifter in and hooked up (Pinto)

More floor boards

Handmade brake pedal and bracket

Brake booster and column in place (check it out, just a short piece of pipe used for lower column support)

close quarters and beefy

9" four linked

Can't go if ya got no juice

Fitting the panhard bar bracket

Four link brackets

Column is in

Mocking up lic. plate on a mid sixty's tailgate narrowed and trimmed to fit into the 56 Ford box

Mustang GT springs on a Lincoln rear axle

Wishbones mounted inside the frame rails (not an easy task) Hope it works

Cross member

Setting up steering box

Comfort first and foremost