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Oregon Hot Rod  is the dream of our friend Ron Carmickle.  With a name like Carmickle, how could you not be into automobiles.  Back in grade school while all the other kids were sitting around doing homework and playing games, Ron would day-dream about hot rods; drawing pictures, fantasizing about customization, tire and wheel combinations, paint jobs, speed equipment and Bucket T roadsters.  Ron loves the T bucket.

By the time high school had rolled around and he finally got his drivers license, Ron wasn't satisfied with just one car like all the other guys, he had to have one for everyday of the week, and so it's been for most of his life.  By his 20's, He had owned well over a hundred- fifty different early American Classics, from early Fords to Roadrunners.  Little has changed today.  Ron's love for cars and a never ending appetite for something new has landed his seat in literally thousands of American and imported classics.  But his real love of automobiles has been with his Hot Rods and a need for speed.  His knowledge into the early American classics is extensive.  Having owned most of them and familiarized himself with them, he prides himself on his pre-70's recognition and knowledge, if he don't know it then he probably has a friend that does.

Today Ron wants to take his dream to the next level by bringing his knowledge and taste to the die hard Hot Rodder.  By providing information and links to some of the highest quality and unique Hot Rod parts and accessories in the world, Ron is fulfilling that dream.  In turn, he is also helping to fulfill the dreams of Hot Rod owners across the country.  Our dedication is to the home builder, providing them with a source of high quality information for all their Hot Rodding needs and ideas that add a special and unique touch to their ride that will set them apart from the crowd.